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Car lovers understand how important it is to wash and clean their vehicles regularly to maintain their value and protect the paint on the exterior.

We recognize that some car owners enjoy self-cleaning their automobiles. Despite their busy schedules, they make an effort to wash their cars to maintain their prestige. However, doing it in your garage will not be a great idea. We have a much more convenient approach for you to maintain your automobile without wasting a lot of time and water. Fish Creek Car Wash has all the necessary washing and cleaning equipment to get your car sparkling clean. Use our high-pressure hose with soft, warm water to remove dirt and filth from your vehicle’s tires and flush out the clogged muck.

Hand-Scrubbing Your Car Isn’t A Good Idea?

Do You Realize That Hand-Scrubbing Your Car Isn’t A Good Idea?

Yes, that’s correct.

Scrubbing your automobile with a sponge or brush is not just inefficient; it’s also likely to leave minor scratches on the paint. Scrubbing and cleaning your car with your hands, on the other hand, can leave more prominent scratches on the paint and external surface.
Sponges and brushes are inefficient at removing dirt, dust, and other particles, so you’ll end up scrubbing longer than necessary.

Using a high-pressure hose, such as the wand wash hose available in Fish Creek’s self-serve wash bays, will remove most of the dirt and debris without causing any harm.

Benefits of Self service Car Wash

Benefits of Self service Car Wash

Take a look at the many advantages of our self-service car wash.

You’ll find a car-friendly environment at the Fish Creek Southeast Calgary self-serve car wash. With Fish Creek’s self-service car wash, maintaining your vehicle is simple. We have twelve wand wash bays, so you can get a gleaming car without waiting in a long line.

Fish Creek Self-Serve Auto Wash is available for washing your Cars, SUVs, Vans, Trucks, and RVs.

Self-serve car wash options for the exterior

Pre-soak at low pressure

Our High-Pressure pre-soak aids in the removal of surface-level filth and grime, making it ideal for tough stains.

Soap with a high-pressure flow

Apply a coat of soap to the entire vehicle, then use soft and warm water to wash it.

Soap and foam brush

Scrub and remove everything from your cars, truck, and RV using the foam brush with soap to remove all the dirt and filth.

Rinse with high-pressure water

Wash out any soap and grime with our high-pressure rinse after using the foam brush.

Bug removal

Apply to all parts of your vehicle where bugs and insects can accumulate after driving (bumper, windshield, side mirrors, etc.).

Cleaner for the engine and tires

Apply a low-pressure Engine Cleaner to the dirty surfaces – an excellent way to keep your engine and tires clean.

Spot Free Rinse

Use this as the last soft and warm water rinse to provide a pristine finish on your cars, truck, and RV.

Wax and shine

Wax & Soft Gloss Wax

A coat of wax will protect and improve the paint on your vehicle.

Cleaning options for the interior

Vacuum in every bay and outside the facility

It’s time to make sure your interior is as spotless as the outside; use our high-pressure vacuums to remove any dust, grime, or debris accumulated between your seats and center console.
We are a gas wash station located in SouthEast Calgary!

Visit our self-service car wash to keep your car clean, gleaming, and ready to drive. We are open 24 hours and seven days a week.