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Exceptional RV & Truck Wash For Calgary Residents

Are you searching for a “truck wash near me?” Fish Creek RV & Truck Wash Calgary is a family-owned full-service car wash that provides various services. You can clean your truck, RV, or boat at our spacious, environmentally-friendly facility. We are located in Southeast Calgary, open 24 hours and seven days a week, giving you quick access to clean your truck, RV, SUV, or boat.

A Wide Range of Convenient Payment Methods

A Wide Range of Convenient Payment Methods At Our Truck Wash In Calgary

We have an on-site ATM and a tap payment system to make our services more accessible to you, and we accept Interac, Mastercard, Visa, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Cash at our RV & truck wash facility.

Fish Creek Car, RV & Truck Wash Calgary staff delivers excellent customer service and is always willing to assist. We also have a convenience store that sells car cleaning and detailing supplies and is open 24 hours and seven days a week to ensure that your cars, trucks, and RVs stay clean and shiny.

Fish Creek RV & Truck & Wash

Save your investment with Fish Creek Truck and RV Wash.

Your search for a “truck wash near me” is over. Our gas station truck and RV wash is ideal for cleaning your boat, truck, or RV. We offer a spacious wash area with high-pressure water jets for cleaning any vehicle. Whether you’re a company owner or a leisure traveler, Fish Creek RV & Truck Wash Calgary is the ideal choice for you.

Our washing facility offers a spacious parking area with plenty of space. We also have vacuum cleaners inside all bays and outside in the parking lot, so you have an enjoyable experience without going hard on your pocket.

Many car washes don’t allow you to clean your truck, boat, or RV. But, with Fish Creek Car Wash Calgary at your disposal, you won’t have to be concerned. Our facility is large enough to wash your trucks, boats, and RVs and give them a shine that will turn a few heads.

Our goal is to provide the most incredible atmosphere possible for washing and cleaning your automobiles, no matter how big or small they are. We have all the necessary equipment to provide spotless truck and RV washing services.

Regularly cleaning your vehicle is the best way to keep it looking great

Fish Creek car, RV & Truck Wash is well-known for providing excellent service at a reasonable price. Our vehicle washing services improve the appearance of your ride while saving you time and money. As a family-owned business, we are committed to providing outstanding service. So be confident that you’ll be getting the best truck wash in southeast Calgary.

The advantages of washing your truck or RV

The advantages of washing your truck or RV at our facility

Fish Creek Truck and RV wash provide several advantages compared to regular car washes:

  • Safety: Our truck and RV wash facilities are constructed specifically for larger vehicles, making them safer to operate.
  • Cleaning Power: Our RV and Truck wash employs industrial-strength detergents that effectively remove dirt, grease, and grime from your vehicle.
  • Time Savings: We use high-pressure water nozzles in our truck and RV washes, which are more efficient and faster than standard car washes.
  • Convenience: Fish Creek RV and Truck Wash are conveniently located inside a gas station and open 24/7, making it accessible for Calgary SE/SW communities.
  • Value: Our truck and RV wash provides exceptional value for money.

Truck and RV wash options for the exterior

Pre-soak at low pressure

Our High-Pressure pre-soak aids in the removal of surface-level filth and grime, making it ideal for tough stains. This process ensures an outstanding initial cleaning by removing dirt from the vehicle’s exterior before applying soap or foam brush.

Soap with a high-pressure flow

Apply a coat of soap to the entire vehicle, then use soft and warm water to wash it. The combination of soap and high-pressure water will aid in the removal of filth and grime left behind after the Pre-soak.

Soap and foam brush

Scrub and remove everything from your truck and RV using the foam brush with soap to remove all the dirt and filth. It’s time to rinse using high-pressure water.

Rinse with high-pressure water

Wash out any soap and grime with our high-pressure rinse after using the foam brush. Apply to the whole outside of your truck, RV, or SUV, from front to back.

Bug removal

Apply to all parts of your vehicle where bugs and insects can accumulate after driving (bumper, windshield, side mirrors, etc.). This procedure should be followed by a high-pressure soap or rinse to help dislodge the bugs from the vehicle’s surface.

Cleaner for the engine and tires

Apply a low-pressure Engine Cleaner to the dirty surfaces – an excellent way to keep your engine and tires clean. This will release the dirt, grease, and other contaminants before rinsing with high-pressure water again.

Spot Free Rinse

Use this as the last soft and warm water rinse to provide a pristine finish on your truck and RV.

Wax and shine

Wax & Soft Gloss Wax

A coat of wax will protect and improve the paint on your vehicle. After cleaning and polishing, this is the best time to use it. It contributes to the gleaming of your boat, RV, or truck!

Cleaning options for the interior

Vacuum in every bay and outside the facility

It’s time to make sure your interior is as spotless as the outside; use our high-pressure vacuums to remove any dust, grime, or debris accumulated between your seats and center console.

Elevate your RV and truck cleaning experience with our premium self-service options at Fish Creek Car Wash Calgary. If you’re on the lookout for an “RV wash near me,” look no further – we’re your ultimate destination for an immaculate RV wash. Our expert team is dedicated to delivering a meticulous and efficient cleaning process, tailored to meet the distinct needs of your recreational vehicle. Bid farewell to the inconvenience of searching for an “RV wash near me” – we’ve got you covered. Rely on Fish Creek RV Wash Calgary for an unmatched cleaning journey, ensuring your RV receives the attention it deserves. Hit the road with confidence, driving a gleaming, pristine, and well-maintained vehicle. We also provide convenient self-serve car washcoin car wash, and touchless car wash in Calgary.

Look no farther than Fish Creek Car Wash if you want to wash your truck, boat, or RV more quickly and thoroughly than with a hose and bucket.
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