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What is a Touchless Car Wash?

What is a Touchless Car Wash?

A touchless car wash is a modern, innovative method of cleaning vehicles without direct physical contact with the car’s surface. Unlike traditional car washes that use brushes and cloths, a touchless car wash relies solely on high-pressure water jets. Along with that, specialized cleaning agents take care of dirt, grime, and contaminants. This technology ensures the vehicle is cleaned thoroughly without worrying about scratches or damage to the paintwork. Fish Creek Car Wash Calgary is proud to have one of the best touchless car wash in Calgary, open 24/7.

How Does a Touchless Car Wash Work?

  1. Pre-Soak: The car is first sprayed with a pre-soak solution that helps to loosen and break down dirt and grime. This solution is specially formulated to tackle tough contaminants without harming the vehicle’s surface.
  2. High-Pressure Rinse: After the pre-soak, high-pressure water jets are used to get rid of the loosened dirt and grime. These jets are powerful enough to remove stubborn debris without physically touching the car, ensuring a scratch-free wash.
  3. Chemical Application: Next, a specialized cleaning agent is applied to the car. This agent is designed to remove any remaining dirt, oil, and road film. The chemicals used are safe for the vehicle’s paint and other surfaces.
  4. Second Rinse: Another round of high-pressure rinsing follows to ensure all cleaning agents and residual dirt are thoroughly washed away.
  5. Spot-Free Rinse: In this final stage, the car is rinsed with purified water to prevent water spots from forming. This step ensures a spotless and shiny finish.
  6. Drying: The vehicle is then dried using powerful air blowers, leaving it clean and ready to go without the need for any manual drying.

Benefits of Using Our Touchless Car Wash

  1. Scratch-Free Cleaning: Since no brushes or cloths are involved in our Touchless Car Wash System, the risk of scratches and swirl marks is eliminated, maintaining the vehicle’s paint and finish.
  2. Safe for All Vehicles: Touchless car washes are suitable for all types of vehicles, including those with delicate finishes, aftermarket paint jobs, or sensitive sensors and electronics.
  3. Efficient and Fast: The automated process is quick, allowing for a thorough wash in a shorter time than traditional methods. Please note that our coin car wash is another quick car care method.
  4. Environmentally Friendly: Our touchless car wash uses water recycling systems and eco-friendly cleaning agents, making us a more sustainable choice for vehicle cleaning.

Overall, a touchless car wash is an excellent option to keep vehicles clean and well-maintained, especially given the city’s diverse weather conditions. Calgary’s environment can be tough on vehicles, from winter road salt to summer dust. A touchless car wash in Calgary ensures that your vehicle remains clean and protected from the elements without the risk of damage.

We offer state-of-the-art touchless car wash services and one of the few 24 hour car wash in Calgary

Our touchless car wash represents the pinnacle of modern car cleaning technology, offering a safe, efficient, and effective way to keep vehicles looking their best. By eliminating the risk of scratches and using environmentally friendly practices, touchless car washes have become the preferred choice for many vehicle owners. In Calgary, where maintaining a clean car can be challenging due to varying weather conditions, opting for a touchless car wash ensures your vehicle stays in top condition year-round. Experience the convenience and quality of our Calgary touchless car wash and enjoy the peace of mind of knowing your vehicle is in good hands.